Ice Cream Bonanza This Weekend

Cone or cup, shared or solo, vegan or dairy, appetizer or dessert—ice cream rivals only sunshine itself as the official mascot of summer. Which is why we’re celebrating it bonanza-style this weekend in both Williamsburg (Saturday and Sunday) and Philly (Sunday only).

Ice cream lovers will want to pace themselves. With organic classics like Pistachio and Strawberry (Joe and Liza’s, from Sag Harbor), and inventive scoops like Whiskey Fudge and Sweet Corn (Luca & Bosco) and Avocado Sour Cream Passion Swirl (La Newyorkina’s paletas)—not to mention loads of other delicious treats—your tastebuds can either play it safe or go wild, or do a round of both.

Some vendors will be ready to play. In Brooklyn, there will be cornhole courtesy of Phin & Phebe’s—sink a shot and get a free scoop—and Monsieur Singh’s Lassi tent will include a phone booth where you can “dial a random Indian” to ask them questions about the celebrated Ayurvedic treat. Down in Philly, four punches on your official Ice Cream Bonanza Punch Card gets you a free Flea tote bag!

Christmas in August: Come ‘n git it.

(Saturday Smorgasburg & Sunday Flea)
Alchemy Creamery
Ample Hills
Bent Spoon
Blue Marble Ice Cream
Butter & Scotch
Fort Grace Ice Cream
Good Batch
Gourmet Sorbet
Joe & Liza’s
Kelvin Slush
La Newyorkina
Luca & Bosco
Monsieur Singh
Odd Fellows
People’s Pops
Phin & Phebes

PHILLY (Sunday only)
Alchemy Creamery
Bassett’s Ice Cream
The Bent Spoon
Capogiro Gelato
Lil’ Pop Shop
Little Baby’s Ice Cream

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