• Featured Vendors: Brooklyn Flea Philly

    The Brooklyn Flea Philly is set to kick off this Sunday, June 2, at The Piazza (10am-5pm) with some very special (did someone say Questlove?) guests, and we couldn’t be more excited! But instead of just counting down the days until the weekend, we decided we should take this opportunity to allow some of our new Philly vendors to introduce themselves, talk about their unique creative processes, the City of Brotherly Love’s charm, and, of course, the people who inspire them.

    Chairloom—Vintage furniture refinished and renewed by Molly Andrews & Tracy Jenkins.

    IMG_7136Favorite part of your job:
    The client projects and the creative energy that comes through Chairloom from them.
    Most underrated thing about Philly:
    Our showroom and work spaces are in Philadelphia, so our answer to this would have to be the collaborative team of local people we work with—artistic, skilled, and motivated.
    If you could gift an item in your collection to a person you admire, who would it be and what would you give them?
    Jenna Lyons of J. Crew is an inspiration to us. The photos of her office in NYC show at least three different, very interesting vintage chairs. We would like to give her one of our Co-Lab Custom X benches (left) for her home or office. Just curious to know what fabric she would choose!

    Peg and Awl—Lost treasures reinvented by husband-and-wife team Walter & Margaux Kent.

    pegandawlFavorite part of your job:
    Scavenging, imagining what was, and making something entirely different out of the remains.
    Most underrated thing about Philly:
    The viaduct. We recently went on a tour with Paul of Viaduct Green and it was extraordinary. Would love to see it, walk through it and even be part of making it happen.
    If you could gift an item in your collection to a person you admire, who would it be and what would you give them?
    Nick Cave. A handbound journal covered with the best antique leather I could uncover.

    Dig This—Flashback furniture for retro-loving homemakers by Reed Orem.

    digthisFavorite part of your job:
    At the store, we really try and make a furniture set, complete with accessories, art, and more. It takes some extra time, but I think our display gives buyers a sense of what it will look like when they get it home.
    Most underrated thing about Philly:
    Philly is always reinventing areas and dynamics. When I first moved there, I lived up on 20th and Green with a group of guys. At the time, this area was starting to explode but prices were still affordable. 20 years earlier, it was a tough place (the house was formerly a brothel if the stories are true). You see the same things in other parts of the city.
    If you could gift an item in your collection, who would it be for and what would you give them?
    First piece of furniture to anyone in a new place. It’s always the biggest smile on someone’s face when you see them putting their stamp on something and saying, “This is mine.”

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