• What’s New? (Philly): Handmade & Crafts


    Barntiques of PA—Tony’s refurbished and refinished antique dressers, beds, and bookcases are done in the Shaker and Early American style still reflected in the country hills of PA. His pieces are perfect for adding a touch of the country to a home—no matter how close to the city limits it rests. He’s a multi-year Brooklyn Flea veteran too!
    Brandywine View Antiques—Way out in Chaddsford is a magic house on the edge of Brandywine Valley that’s home to three floors and a wraparound porch packed with the better parts of yesteryear’s happy odds and ends. Now some of those prize collectibles resting in the attic (or kitchen, or living room, or bedroom, or—well, you get the idea) are taking a trip to the big city to see what sort of new friends/homes they can find.
    butchershopBrompton Market
    —Delicate midcentury ceramic curiosities, dish sets, jewelry and other fashion notes perfect for gifts or for accenting a renovated space with a grounding hush of classic style.
    Butcher Shop Rehab—Inventive auto parts and factory style, salvaged decor that you’d expect from the likes of a MacGyver, but one with a Terantino sense of stye, these oil can accent lamps and workman fashions (left) bring the best parts of zen and the arts of the garage into the kitchen and living room.
    Carohope’s Last Dance Vintage—Decorative arts diva Caroline Hope draws from a decade’s worth of study in Material Culture and American Folk Art as she collects and curates her impressive arrangement of unique printed texts, lace, embroidery, home goods, and clothing. Anyone with a penchant for items that aren’t just from another era, but that are truly handmade, will find themselves in a tiny, Flea-booth-sized heaven (left).
    Daily Memorandum
    Basic furnishings (below) for the new wave American Gothic—the kind of artist who appreciates the heroic glamour of a sparse apartment of sturdy, basic furnishings that reflects a simple, well examined life. (Zak and Alicia are also Brooklyn alums.)
    Freshvintage—Colleen Allison isn’t just an antique lover, she’s a teacher and blogger whose love for the curiosities she gathers means you get a story to take home alongside your one-of-a-kind score.
    Gypsy Fish—Riverton, New Jersey’s trove of colorfully restored furniture and other fun upcycled accessories have a Tim Burton sort of morbid, Big Fish meets bohemian charm (above).
    dailymemoHOBNOB Design—Each project by Angela Heithecker reflects a unique relationship between the patterns of yesteryear and the way they are interpreted (and celebrated) today. Her handbags (right) are perfect for formal occasions—or just for making every day more of a special event. And she can reupholster almost anything—she’s basically a textile superhero.
    Peg and Awl
    —Salvaged wood, photographs, and textiles repurposed and crafted into stunning accessories for both work and play that feel medieval and magic in the simple genius of their design. Whether a tub caddy, tree swing, or trencher plate (above), these pieces are as original and gorgeous as they are useful.
    My Turkish Textiles
    Handwoven, colorful, absorbant, fast-drying Turkish bath towels and blankets made on old-style looms that support families who are still dedicated to producing a durable (they last 30 years!), one of a kind product.
    Squid Whale Designs—Organic fabrics hand-dyed in an eco-friendly indigo bath, block printed and then sewn and transformed into neckwear, purses, wallets, and other urban earth wear straight from the mind/hands/studio of textile artist Elizabeth McTear.
    Sunrise Antiques & Auctioneer—Toys and dolls, vintage clothing, old automobile parts, oriental rugs—if you can dream up an object that existed before the ’60s these guys have it, or at least know where to find it.

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