• What’s New at the Flea?

    The big kahuna! Here’s who’s new at the Fleas this weekend. And look out for lots more fresh faces as they sprinkle in over the coming weeks.

    whippetAlyssa Ettinger Design—Our resident porcelain genius starts this season debuting “dogware,” (right) featuring the sort of puppy-dog eyes that beg you to take them home. (Fort Greene & Williamsburg)
    Crown AntiquesA finely honed selection of vintage books, a bit of jewelry, and other estate treasures. (Williamsburg)
    Crosby Connection—Brooklyn-raised Joey Cramarossa is just making you a sandwich with all of the best that his borough has to offer—Italian meats, fresh cheeses, sweet red peppers, avocados—the finest vinegars and oils in the world. What? It’s not his fault it took you so long to find him. (You may know these guys from their shoebox shop in Noho a few years back.) (Fort Greene)
    Eleanor’s—Saks Fifth Avenue fashion alum Alison Lucien’s cutilitarian (!) bike accessory line for ladies gives the everyday two-wheeler a much-needed makeover. (Fort Greene & Williamsburg)
    Fruz WorldFrank and Suz’s terrariums aren’t just beautiful ecosystems that will continue living long past your average birthday bouquet—they’re curated ephemera, the kind of window decor that works double time because it looks great and tells a story. (Fort Greene)
    Planti—”Spread the Love” in Hebrew, Shal Zagury’s hummus recipe isn’t just one of the best in New York, it’s made to be a main event. And his fresh pita and to-go jars of kalamata-prune tapenade, coconut-curry peanut butter, and cashew-espresso butter are ready to take over the condiment shelf in 2013. The real deal! (Fort Greene)
    walnut tableRepriseHandcrafted pieces (left) and midcentury furniture so carefully restored that if you didn’t check the before and after shots on the website, you’d swear they were brand new. (Fort Greene)
    Smith Industrial Designs—Neil Smith’s collage sculptures give the nuts, bolts, washers and screws from castaway machines a new life, reimagined into the cityscapes where they were first dreamed into existence. (Williamsburg)
    Starling Brood—Big find alert! Designer Mihaeko’s (onetime designer for Bjork) ceramic sculptures (above) and tea sets, mycological embroidery, warm woolen cowls, and adorable lap-cat pillows all feature a simple elegance that contributes to an aura of fantastical hush. (Fort Greene)
    Trees and Nails—Don’t be fooled by acclaimed New England woodworker Christopher Parow’s simple furniture designs—these custom-made creations are crafted from the highest quality materials and designed to outlive (and perhaps be restored by!) the Fleasters of the next millenium. (Williamsburg)
    The Wild Ivy—Inventive, affordable, seasonal floral arrangements for the sort of urban dweller who knows a fresh bouquet of flowers doesn’t require a special occasion. (Williamsburg)

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