• What’s New at Smorgasburg?

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    It’s picnic time. You’ve had all winter to save up your appetite and daydream about your old faves. But before the park opens on Saturday morning (!!!) we thought we’d give you a sneak peak of what’s to come! (New York did a good job of this already by the way.)

    ginger beeBeehive OvenFrom husband and wife team Treva and John, biscuits buttered and jammed, or filled with the extra-good stuff—meaning fried chicken or ham and brie. Plus pickled squash and sweet-and-spicy apples to boot! Also grab some par-baked biscuits to take home. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park)
    Brooklyn Soda Works—Our fizzy friends will debut 1 liter to-go bottles of two flavors—Hibiscus Mint and Apple Ginger—and that’s just to start! (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park)
    Brooklyn Wok Shop—North 10th St. mom-and-pop “Chinese Food 2.0” shop branches out with divine lobster soup dumplings and fried wontons at Smorg, plus all sorts of other tasty concoctions. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park)
    Cocktail Crate—Better party-thrower than bartender? Whether it’s an Old Fashioned or a Ginger Bee (right), these complete, fresh, and (mostly) organic mixers are a quick (and tasty) fix. All you need is the hooch—and a little ice. (Williamsburg)
    Daal House—Anna Roy started experimenting with her mother’s traditional daal recipes (from Kerala, India) when going to dinner parties with her friends—and she got invited to a lot of potlucks. Now we’re the lucky ones—because she’s bringing a taste of her (healthy) home to Smorg. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park)
    Deji—Longtime friends John Hyun and Dave Park both emigrated to America from South Korea as children, and their menu items—like “The Belly Roll,” a bahn mi with American fixings, or foie-gras beignets with nutella powder (!)—are an homage to what they grew up eating: the best of both worlds. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park)
    East River Bread—Melissa Weller (Roberta’s, Per Se) knows what a real bagel is supposed to taste like—and so will you after you experience a hand-rolled one the old-fashioned way, whether with Melissa’s own handmade cream cheese or fresh butter, or as the main event of a simple sandwich. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park)
    El Gato Nacho—Infinitely inventive spins (duck confit?!) on couple David and Jill’s favorite meal (above), made with homemade pickled peppers, hand-fried tortillas, and Mexican-sourced cheeses. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park)
    Fede Frico—Eating a slice of Federico Manaigo and Kristi’s insane “Frico” cheese pie is like getting a hug from each and every grandmother from Federico’s native Friuli, Italy. Not to be missed! (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park)
    Floyd Eats—Kentucky natives and Brooklyn bar maestros Jim and Andy (Union Hall, Bell House, Floyd) make their new “beer cheese” with flat beer and New York Cheddar in smokey bacon, spicy jalapeno, and a snappy original flavor. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park)
    Jack’s Chedbred + Chili by the New York Cookery—When cornbread made from fresh roasted corn and cheese shares a dish with a brisket-based, poblano chili, you don’t shed a tear of joy—you savor the moment. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park)
    Kyotofu—”Changing the world, one soybean at a time,” Hells Kitchen’s Kyotofu will serve fresh-made tofu with sweet and savory toppings, and they’ll be making the Japanese classic in their booth every weekend for all to see! (Williamsburg)
    La Esquina—The celebrated Nolita taqueria (now on Wythe Ave. too) showcases their creative Mexican fare—squash-blossom tamales, adobo-brisket sopes—and they’ll also be serving up their new locally sourced salsas. (Williamsburg)
    MOMO Dressing—Homemade Japanese-style salad dressings—their classic carrot-ginger is bananas—either in to-go bottles or with small soba-noodle salads. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park)
    rockville marketMonsieur Singh—Made with probiotic yogurt, mango, honey-lemon, and rose, Karan Gera’s lassi drinks are inspired by ayurveda and Karan’s Kapurthala, India, home—aka the “Paris of Punjab.” (Thus the name.) (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park)
    NY Shuk—Ron and Leetal hand-roll their semolina into the most velvety, fine Moroccan couscous imaginable. Topped with their rich Tunisian pumpkin stew, zingy harissa, and other toppings—plus divine semolina cake for dessert—Shuk (Hebrew for “market”) is like a camel ride across the Middle East. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park)
    Orwashers—The legendary Upper East Side home to “New York’s original artisan bakery” takes their fresh loaves for a ride across the river. The Cabernet Rustica and Levain Locale loaves are a must-try. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park)
    PlantiSimply made organic ingredients, Shai’s hummus, homemade nut butters, limeade and sweet wood licorice drink are healthy, all natural, and will have you coming back for more. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park, starts 4/27)
    Queen Majesty Hot SauceErica’s classic Scotch bonnet and ginger Caribbean-style (the yellow kind) hot sauce is made fresh in Brooklyn. Yes, it’s spicy, but what’s more its flavors are complex and explode on the tongue. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park)
    Rockville Market Farm—This Northern Vermont fully functional farm (3,000 hens, 50 pigs, 25 acres of organic vegetables!) brings country-fresh cooking to Smorg (eggs, right). With heartily packed breakfast and lunch gorditas (double-tortilla), butternut-squash and chocolate-beet donuts, and farm-fresh eggs by the dozen, ignore R.E.M. and do go back to Rockville. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park)
    Scharf & Zoyer—”Spicy & Sour” in Yiddish, nice Jewish boys Noah and Ben give old-school deli a pinch in the tuchis. Kugel sandwich with maple farmers cheese with pickled apples and onions; “everything” croissants; and something called Aranygaluska, which they describe as Hungarian Jewish Monkey Bread. Go eat, you’re too thin! (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park)
    The 3 Nuts—Long Island’s most creative nut butter business shares new-fangled flaves like Salted Caramel Peanut Butter and Coconut Cashew Butter. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park)
    The White MoustacheMicro-batches of hand-strained yogurt made with Hudson Valley Fresh milk, in some surprising/savory flavors (Kurdish Labneh flavored with brined garlic shoots!) as well as more traditional fruit and honey standbys. Choose from thick creamy Greek-style, or looser more drinkable Persian-style (thus the Moustache). Smartly packaged in glass jars. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park)

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