• Fan Fotos

    The urban landscape is the new frontier. And to survive a weekend on the streets, you need to be outfitted.


    1. A city cowgirl knows she can manifest her destiny with a solid pair of vintage boots. @maizykate (Instagram)


    2. Keep in mind the boots can only get you so far. Once the sun sets it’s important to have a plan for those keeping warm on cold nights. @citybitz (Instagram)


    3. If your flask suddenly finds itself depleted, when searching for a refill, remember the weight of your bartender’s pour should match the ferocity of the beast mounted to the saloon’s wall. @hareandarrow (Instagram)


    4. You can tell a cowboy is sensitive if he has an image of his best friend on his tie clip. @retuta (Instagram)


    5. And if he’s got enough class to invite you somewhere better once you’ve finished your drink, maybe it’s worth dressing up those boots with some feathers around the neck. But if he’s just trying to hang on a barstool all night—best save that necklace for the next frontier. @estatejewelsbygr (Instagram)

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