• Fan Fotos

    This awesome artistic depiction of the walk down 4th Avenue toward the Flea is a bit more colorful than I remember it—but perhaps that’s because I’ve never taken a dive in that enormous orbiting Dunkin’ cup. @stephenaaron05 (Instagram)

    If you’re looking to award a merit pin to a pal for being a good vegetarian, bacon-lover, spare key holder, street-crosser, beer enthusiast, dancer, Wikipedia-checker—or you’re looking to pin yourself for being a good procrastinator—this is the jackpot. Trust me. @etaingalicious (Instagram)

    I’m not sure exactly what the Backstreet Boys can teach Arthur, the original hipster aardvark, about rock and roll, but I’m willing to watch just to see what sort of ears are hiding under the hat of Backstreet Boy #5 (Bunny ears, please!). @dalvarado31 (Instagram)

    Ask not what this tapestry can do for you, but where you can hang it to start a conversation. @dsobes (Instagram)

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