• Fan Fotos

    The deals were as good as ever this weekend, and so were the vendors’ smiles. Perhaps it was the fact that Valentine’s Day had come and gone that makes this blogger detect the fact that there was a bit of a macabre lens fixed on the ends of Fleasters’ smart phones this weekend. But who’s to say a walk in the crypt—er, vault—can’t be romantic?


    1. A sketch of Skylight One Hanson on Saturday reveals a myriad of shoppers perusing/ghosts standing in line to cash their checks dated 1923. (Urban Sketchers)

    2. Starfish fossils and tentacles under bell jars don’t just portend a witchy/warlock decor; they’re souvenirs of long beach-combing walks taken by old loves? Maybe? @withhairsprayanddenim (Instagram)

    3. This Ideal Mate is, “Impulsive, yet with a sound sense of values.” Also looks like he may own a funeral home. @natty_style (Instagram)

    4. Say what you want about a bucket of doll heads. I once went to an amazing dance party that featured doll appendages hanging from the ceiling. Sinister? Perhaps. But so were everyone’s killer moves. @rosirozay (Instagram)

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