• Valentine’s Day Fun

    The biggest date night of the year is coming up, and no matter the status of your relationship (or lack thereof), it’s time to plan an itinerary—and a wardrobe. Here are some vintage cinema-inspired suggestions with the Flea gear to match!

    The Best Friend Date

    Pretty in Pink

    We’ve all been there. Yeah, so you’re single this year. No reason not to put on some fancy threads, have your bestie pick up a few fine bottles of three-buck chuck, and, ya know, hit the town.

    Susan Harmon, bolo ties, $20

    Sue Harmon, bolo ties, $20

    Dulcinee, 1930's Peach/Chiffon Dress, $200

    Dulcinee, 1930’s Peach/Chiffon Dress, $200










    The Joy Ride

    Love Story

    Life is sweet! You’re in love, your honey’s got a convertible, and the winter sun is making an appearance, so why not don a preppy trench and take a spin up Central Park West, cut east on 110th St., then sail down Fifth Avenue in style? Just don’t forget to hook a left on Delancey for the mighty voyage across the Williamsburg Bridge. Then find yourself a fancy cocktail bar and get yourself a hot toddy.

    Cashmere trenchcoat for her, $80, Conrags

    Conrags, Cashmere trenchcoat, $80

    Gent's Outfitters, Vintage Portstewart trench coat, $200

    Gentlemans Outfitters, Portstewart trench coat, $200










    The Graveyard Walk

    walk in greenwood
    The Royal Tenenbaums

    Some love is just destined to be clandestine. It’s too complicated and riddled with history and—whatever, you just wouldn’t understand. That’s why it needs to go underground. Or for a romantic walk around the cemetery at least.

    Bogart & Moore Vintage, Harris Tweed Coats, $60

    Bogart & Moore, Harris Tweed Coats, $60

    Camel Girl Vintage, fur coat, $100

    Camel Girl Vintage, fur coat, $100

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