• Fan Fotos

    We all know how this goes: Coffee in one hand, the pinch of a few bundled shopping bags in the other—and then, right in front of you, that perfect sparkly/furry/slinky [insert noun here].


    1. We recommend pairing this fox fur with a sloe gin fizz at that new old timey cocktail bar that’s just arrived in a neighborhood near you. @lsmithas (Instagram)


    2. The best part of shopping for vintage formal wear is knowing that you’re significantly diminishing the chances of having a “twinsie” moment at the big soiree. (Flea)


    3. Who cares if you give the sales floor a show? Sometimes you have to take that sweater for a test drive! @gretchen_jones (Instagram)


    4. Sass may not be included in the price of this fur hat, but it’s an encouraged Brooklyn accessory. @style_chile (Instagram)

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