• Fan Fotos

    According to Statistics Brain, 75% of Americans wear some sort of corrective eyewear. Better to see you (and the deals) with, my dear. But let’s not overlook their “style enhancement” features. @ellenbrecken (Instagram)

    Fastening bowties around your neck with myopia ain’t a walk in the park. And neither is squinting as you sign the dotted line when you’re taking care of business. @endlessadventure (Instagram)

    A pair of oversized nerd glasses paired with fashionable weekend attire can be clutch when attempting to comprehend the brunch menu through the haze of the night before. Not to mention their ability to augment any expression with an intellectual air. @marilyngriffin (Instagram)

    Sure, it’s your nose that leads you to Porchetta’s booth in the back of the vault, but you need your eyes to believe it’s true. @madamemidtown (Instagram)

    Probably not a good idea to guess the time on this clock by Wrecords by Monkey without sharpening your vision. @lauraquachh (Instagram)

    In conclusion, perhaps it’s time to get your vision checked? In the meantime you can totally use this sample letterpress sheet to play a round of “eye doctor.” @aliatheartsnob (Instagram)

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