• From Brooklyn With Love

    We are absolutely smitten with our humble little borough this holiday season. Maybe it’s the Nets, or the show of resilience post-Sandy. Maybe we’re just glad summer is over and it doesn’t smell like hot garbage. Whatever it is, we’re letting everyone know with Brooklyn themed gifts. Here’s a small selection of stuff we like. Nets shirts not pictured.

    Brooklynites love their caffeine, make no mistake about it (heck, New Yorkers as a whole). Brooklyn Roasting Company keeps us fueled at the Flea and they have beans for every taste bud, and stylish gear to announce your addiction to the world. Gift a can, a shirt, or a coffee of the month membership and your loved ones will be on their way to going native.

    Brooklyn coffee culture comes second only to our winter cocktail culture. We love cozying up to the bar while the latest storm rages outside. Come February, though, you’ll want to be your own mixologist, which is where Gowanus Furniture steps in. Pete makes these little handmade cutting boards perfect for cutting up garnishes. And they’re stylish to boot, so you can leave it sitting out.

    OK, maybe giving a bike related gift is wishful thinking at this time of year (or is it, have y’all been outside today?), but we couldn’t resist these ultra-stylish bike satchels from Ryan at Flux Productions. We’ve been drooling over them for a while now, so maybe we’ll keep this one for ourselves.

    These handmade soaps from Chrissy at Apotheke smell so delicious, they’d be perfect for someone you want to snuggle up to. Don’t worry, just because they’re made in Brooklyn doesn’t mean they smell like Brooklyn.

    Fleasters are some of the most stylish folks around, and Patrick from Wrecords by Monkey has been contributing to Brooklyn fashion for a while now. This vinyl cuff with the Greenpoint skyline is a no-brainer.

    If you’re gifting to a more dapper gent, though, a bowtie from Travis Sylvester is the way to go. If you had to describe Brooklyn style in two words they would be sophisticated and funky and these bow ties are both of those things.

    Of course you can’t gift anything Brooklyn-themed without including food, and the Flea has so much to choose from. Sandy Lee at Leckerlee makes delicious Nurembourg style lebkuchen and they come in a cute, New York themed keepsake tin. These cookies will be delicious with that coffee.

    If your recipient prefers an un-spiced sweet, may we recommend Alison’s Butter + Love sandwich cookies? They’re adorable and delicious. You really can’t ask for more from a baked good. They also have moustache gingerbreads, depending on how Brooklyn you want to be.

    Everyone knows half the fun of getting a gift is the simple joy of seeing it wrapped up all pretty before tearing into it. Why not let the wrapping be reusable? Pete from Live Poultry has stylish Brooklyn themed totes that can be re-used for trips to the co-op.

    And to finish it all off, a vintage New York City postcard from Lon Black, because gift tags are so Manhattan.


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