• What’s New?

    Brooklyn Roasting Company—The coffee reigns have officially traded hands at the Flea! It’s time to bid farewell to Crop to Cup, who stuck it out since day number one as our go-to joe guy, and welcome the new bean in town. You can find a steaming cup of finely roasted, fair traded goodness courtesy of BRC behind the big marble counter by the main entrance this weekend!

    Butter+Scotch—Longtime market vendors Kumquat Cupcakery and First Prize Pies, soon to be Brooklyn’s first dessert-cocktail bar, have combined forces with an array of sweet twists on holiday favorites, including the infamous “ninjabread cookie”.

    Cowboy Confessions—Marybeth Romeo’s greeting cards and line drawings follow the story of “Cowboy”, a spaghetti western sort of guy in a world that’s moved on to avatars, and whose misadventures—with love, or loss, or all the things in between—somehow manage to express exactly what you’re trying to say.

    Maptote—Husband-and-wife team Rachel Rheingold and Michael Berick’s cartographic-inspired totes (above) are the artistic offspring of a fashion designer and geographer, both born with a penchant to explore. Whether you want your wine to tout its origin on the way to a dinner party, or you just like to appreciate the pictorial icons and landmarks of your favorite city, they’ve got a tote for where you’ve been—and where you want to go.


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