• Fan Fotos

    It doesn’t take a little birdie to tell you, or to tweet this pic: Skylight Saturday’s totally the new Black Friday. @conspicuousnyc (Instagram)

    Although there are no longer Scrooge McDuck-size pools of cash or a diving board beyond these vault doors, mark our words, there are treasures to be found! (Brian Russ)

    For example, ties—for that man or woman in your life who knows how to outclass everyone else at the _________ (insert proper event here). @travthesplendid (Instagram)

    Or, for your (mom/aunt/other-pretty-lady-in-your-life)—some handmade jewelry with an edge that doesn’t stretch to the ‘burbs. The sort of gift the lucky recipient can say her (niece/daughter-in-law/random-white-elephant-participant) bought for her in Brooklyn. (Brian Russ)

    And what are these? Fishing-lures-turned-keychains? Perfect for that roommate who’s always calling you at 3am because she’s locked out…again. Hopefully after she hooks her keys she’ll catch the irony. @JuliaSmall (Instagram)

    Random friends from different elements of your city life+cheap wine+vintage copies of Avant Garde magazine=awesome holiday-party conversation starter. @carolinaamaris1 (Instagram)

    And after all that shopping, some ninjabread men—the more disciplined, stealthier cousins of ole Ginger dude. That weird guy who lives in the candy house. @butterandlove (Instagram)

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