• Fan Fotos

    Plaids and stripes and lots of layers is the way to survive the next few months in style. (Flashes of Style)

    Layers, and of course a steaming hot Blue Bottle pour-over (or 10) can certainly raise core body temps—and tune up the nervous system/cause out-of-body experiences. @noslouch (Instagram)

    While there is no evidence linking bovine skulls to capturing heat, they are surprisingly handy when creating serial-killer-like portraiture. @abbeygolden (Instagram)

    These clogs and boots, on the other hand, are time-tested feet-warmers, waiting patiently to nurture your wool-socked little toes. (Flashes of Style)

    Flip shades are definitely a winter must for navigating the snow-glare and afternoon sun slant of city streets before/after you read your paperback on the subway. @b_setfree (Instagram)

    And let’s not forget the most essential element of the hibernation months—a snuggle buddy. (Potentially available, though not for sale, at the Flea.) @felix_zurke (Instagram)

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