• Fan Fotos

    Ivan Orkin slaved over pots of his famed ramen this Saturday at Smorg and raised $3080 for The Brooklyn Recovery Fund.

    This flag of our fathers, and Fleasters, was a nice reminder of Veterans Day. #jacquelinewait (Instagram)

    The perfect pin for a heart bursting with USA pride—though if Ben Franklin had gotten his way this pin would have totally been a turkey. Which may have seriously confused things come Thanksgiving. #pengaleng (Instagram)

    Speaking of turkeys, check out this torch/tenderly roasted leg courtesy of Crazy Legs. Only one more Smorgasburg this weekend to get your hands on one! Crazy man not included. #simondoolittle (Instagram)

    Sometimes you ride your bike a few miles weaving through zig-zaggy lines of backed-up cars, and when you arrive at your destination the reason for your treacherous journey has already been spelled out in beautiful vintage letters. Weird. #tshifttwo (Instagram)

    Not sure if this 1980’s “mobile phone” bag has the mechanics necessary for jiving with your futuristic cellular rocket device, but it’s been proven successful for dialing up a seriously entertaining inner monologue. #maherkristen (Instagram)

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