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    Ciderman—You may think you’ve had a cup of cider before. You may also think you know what true love is, that you’ve made eye contact with a butterfly, and that Johnny Appleseed is just a character in a children’s book. Go to the Ciderman’s Amish cart. Ask him about the pomological side-effects of brewing with a pure heart. Then sip on his steaming potion and let the stuff in the cup do the talking. (W’burg Smorg)

    Sealab‘s woodworking designs are a collaboration between man, woman, and nature. Each piece begins as salvaged logs that are then milled in-house, ensuring each tree evolves into a piece of furniture that fits its character and size. This weekend, husband and wife team Mark and Becky debut new city-style kitchen islands, media consuls, chairs, tables (above), and desks handcrafted at their very own Virginia (!) sawmill. (W’burg and FG Flea)

    Sian Beddoe-Stephens—If you are a fabric-hound in need of some new inspiration, hit up Sian’s cache of colorful, modern yards of hard-to-get textiles—a collection that took years of working in the biz (namely Hable Construction) to amass. And if you like textiles, but you’re like me and can’t do anything but type and cut your food with your hands, skip the yards of unused stuff and spend your time delighting in her antiques: She’s also a master upholsterer. (FG Flea)

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