• Ramen to the Rescue

    It seems the wind has blown more than cold air across the New York region. On its coattails rides Ivan Orkin, a native New Yorker turned ramen sensei, whose two Tokyo ramen outposts and legendary guest appearance at Momofuku Noodle Bar have earned him Superman status here in Smorg-tropolis.

    Lucky for us, Orkin swoops down from the sky and lands at the market this Saturday, teaming up with Shigetoshi Nakamura of Sun Noodle—which is the soup equivalent of Spider-Man and Superman combining their powers. (Our ramen regular, Yuji, won’t be there this Saturday because he’ll be slinging noodles for Rockaways residents and cleanup volunteers. Asia Dog, Brooklyn Bangers, La Casa De Camba, Milk Truck Grilled Cheese, Pizza Moto, among others, have been doing the same all week in Red Hook and the Rockaways—giving mobile food units a whole new meaning.)

    The best part is these 300 bowls won’t just warm the bellies (and souls) of those who score a taste of historic ramen-bliss—all sales will benefit our Sandy relief efforts through the Brooklyn Recovery Fund. So wander down to the waterfront and slurp some dashi love—it’s the tastiest donation in town.

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