• Thanks!

    It was one of those strange weekends where every thought seemed prefaced with the word should: Should the marathon happen? Should I be on the LES collecting people without power and doubling them on my bicycle to the hot showers that existed on the other side of the Williamsburg Bridge? Or should I go to my friend’s birthday party? And, should I drive my car, because I only have a quarter tank of gas left, and half the traffic lights are down and…you get the idea.

    Luckily, Fleasters didn’t think twice about whether they should donate to new the Brooklyn Recovery Fund. After a week of staring at Twitter feeds and listening to Brian Lehrer on WNYC, that sort of question seemed to be a no-brainer. Between sips of steaming hot apple cider to combat the chill in the air, tourists, locals, and vendors alike gave what they could, making for a weekend total of $1374.25! Some vendors, like those at Rice and Miso Everyday, were even seen dumping their tip jars into the donation bucket at the end of the day, because helping Brooklyn recover is helping us all recover in a way. If you want to donate, see us at the table next weekend, or just click the link above now!

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