• SmorgasBar is Here

    After a seven-month application process, countless stops and starts, and more paperwork than you can shake a swizzle stick at, we need a drink. That’s putting it mildly.

    But nay, today we shall rejoice! Because this Saturday marks the long-awaited debut of SmorgasBar, our new showcase for beer, wine, and spirits made here in Brooklyn. Located in a rustic pen garden in the middle of the market (shade coming soon!), we’ll be serving up special varieties all summer long: Brooklyn Brewery, Kelso Beer Company, and Sixpoint Brewery beers; Brooklyn Oenology and Brooklyn Winery wines; and Breuckelen Distilling Co. (gin), Kings County Distillery (moonshine), and NY Distilling Co. (gin) spirits. Prices are affordable, pours are respectable, bartenders and barmaids are affable. Oh, and the view is unbeatable.

    All along our vision for SmorgasBar has been to highlight the growing scene of local alcohol producers in the same way we’ve done for foodies. Toward that end, we added a cocktail for each Brooklyn spirit that features a mixer specially created by a Smorg beverage vendor: Brooklyn Soda Works’ grapefruit-jalapeno-honey soda goes with Kings County’s Moonshine; McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix with Breuckelen gin; and The Stand NY’s watermelon lemonade with NY Distilling’s Dorothy Parker gin. All are splendid.

    The beers and wines will rotate throughout the season, but to start there’s Brooklyn’s unfiltered Gold Standard, Kelso’s Belgian Pale Ale, and Sixpoint’s Crisp Lager; and Brooklyn Oenology’s 2008 Motley Cru (2008) and Shindig White (2011) and Brooklyn Winery’s Lodi Rose Zin (2011) and Steel Riesling (2011).

    Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter (and here on the blog of course) for special new flavors and varieties, including some SmorgasBar exclusives. Cheers! (FYI those are our first customers, Bonnie Fallon and Kevin Croxton, above, at last week’s “soft launch.”)

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