• What’s New? (Williamsburg)

    This week’s new Willamsburg vendors help you hide your drink, give you a table to set your drink on and provide an instrument to play when your hands are free. Talk about having everything you need.

    Bender Bound: Books are good for way more than just reading. This new vendor is re-working large professional books into the perfect was to conceal glass flasks (above), so you can feel secretive all the time. If book drinking isn’t your style, they also have a collection of book-planters, so your plants can soak up some knowledge with their water.  

    Dinosaur Brooklyn: This newly engaged couple has figured out what to do with their free time, salvage furniture. With three foundry molds that they’re working with, they make and reinvent lovely small pieces such as coffee and end tables.

    Pentatonic Guitars Inc: Remember that folk band that you and your friends were talking about starting but didn’t have the instruments? Well, Pentatonic Guitars is here to help your dreams come true. Bringing a collection of new and vintage banjos, ukes, mandolins, la steels and other small folk instruments (below) that fit in every price range, you can start on the long road to becoming as big as the Louvin Brothers.  

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