• What’s New? (Smorgasburg)

    In case last weekend didn’t get you full enough, here are the newest additions to the Smorgasburg:

    Baby Got Back Ribs: Smorgasburg is the perfect place to eat messy, and nothing’s as satisfyingly messy as some good ribs. With a recipe rooted chef Robert’s Great Aunt Nona, these Kansas City-style ribs are slow-cooked for 6 hours to make the tenderest meat around. With every bit of the locally sourced, grass-fed, hormone free pork used, you can feel good about getting meat all over your face too.

    New York Stock Company: Stocks are a supremely important ingredient in cooking most anything and they are supremely hard to make well—seriously, just look at my kitchen after I try a beef stock. Matt and his New York Stock Co. (above) take the stock market to new heights (ed.: sorry), using ingredients from local and sustainable farms near their Long Island homebase and cooking without sodium, additives or preservatives. Don’t worry, even with the help of a premade stock, you can still tell everyone you made dinner from scratch.

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