• What’s New? (Smorgasburg)

    Behold: The whole enchilada. (Hold on, that’s one food Smorgasburg doesn’t actually have!) Here’s who be new at ze Smorg.

    Baby Mash: For the littlest Fleasters out there, Baby Mash offers up the best in organic baby food and teething rings.

    Best Summer: Dennis Ngo of Flea brisket stand Lonestar BBQ (and formerly An Choi chef) is also expanding his market share with a rotating cast of fresh and healthy Vietnamese summer rolls (with a nice selection of sauces). They are simple and excellent.

    Bite Me Cheesecake: Cheesecakes are pretty much the greatest thing in the world, but Bite Me Cheesecake found a way to make them even better—by making them bite-sized. These little snacks are perfect for a walk around the waterfront, or an attempt at portion control.

    Handsome Hank’s Fish Hut: Danny Lyu’s 10-layer Mexican sandwiches (Cemita’s) were a breakout star last year, and now he’s doubling down at the Smorg. Named for his dad, Handsome Hank’s features three varieties of fried-whiting sandwiches (Vietnamese, Korean, “Nashville”), plus scrumptious fried mushroom and shrimp. Consider yourself hooked.

    Heartbreaking Dawns: Most foods are a vehicle for hot sauce and these sauces, in flavors like Chocolate Habanero, only prove the rule.

    Ish Horseradish: Horseradish can make even the blandest thing delicious. Ish Horseradish brings old style sauces with a bit of a twist to every piece of bread and steak in sight.

    Krumville Bakery: Gluten-free baking can yield some of the most flavorful and interesting baked goods. Krumville Bakery will be cooking up focaccia so good, you’ll never want gluten in your bread again.

    Mozz Shop: Speaking of Danny Lyu, he teamed up with Matt Lief of Landhaus BLTs to make the best in fresh mozzarella. In addition to the delectable mozzarella the two will be serving up olive oil, tomatoes, fried mozzarella balls and, most exciting of all, “Italian Corn Dogs” made with Italian sausage and mozzarella deep fried in polenta batter.

    Parantha Alley: This new vendor serves up the South Asian style bread roti with all manner of spicy fillings to get you sweating on those hot spring days.

    Soy Hound: These homemade soymilks come in flavors like Orange Chocolate, Matcha Green Tea, Cinnamon and Vanilla—you’ll never be able to go back to regular soy milk again.

    Takumi Taco: The brainchild of Bond St. sushi executive chef Marc Spitzer (yes, that guy), Takumi Taco sounds wacky on paper but is just utter perfection on the palate: Japanese fusion plus Mexican Street Food. Can you say spicy tuna taco? Sashimi grade big eye, jicama, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo, on a gyoza hard shell. Holy guacamole.

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