• Jessica’s Flea-I.Y.: Little Gardens

    Husband-and-wife duo John and Ariel Covello, the team behind Little Gardens, are urban plant-whisperers. John, a fine jeweler, and Ariel, a former events planner for a small bookstore, have been tending to their own gardens for years, but just recently turned their attention to plants full-time. These two have cultivated some seriously green thumbs. The Covellos pot their plants in cool containers, like antique Hudson River bricks they find in their Bensonhurst backyard. The hearty alpine succulents, including the aptly-named sempervivum, Latin for “live forever,” are “perfect for people who forget to water their plants,” says Ariel. It would be hard for even the most negligent plant parent to butcher one of these tiny, low-maintenance gardens. We asked Ariel and John to teach us about planting succulents—and keeping them alive. Click here to read the how-to.


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