• Jess Bites Flea—Horchata


    What: You know and worship the pupusa, Rafael Soler’s Salvadoran corn patty of love, but have you ever tried his insane horchata? A total-tongue treat served in a variety of styles around the world, Rafael’s version of the sweet milky drink is made from ground almonds (superfood!), rice milk, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla over ice. The texture is dense like pudding, and the flavors keep coming, Wonka-like, after every sip. Whether it’s accompanying a snack, or is the snack—you don’t pronounce the “h,” but it’s capital H heavy—horchata is sweet stuff full of healthy goodness.

    How much: $3 for a pint.

    What else: Long the hero of the Red Hook Food Vendors, pupusas have become a Flea staple too, and you can buy a platter to try a couple flavors: jalapeno, cheese, bean, seasonal vegetables (including the “loroco” Latino zucchini), chicken or pork. We recommend garnishing with “everything”: crema, red onions, picked jalapenos and carrots, and a smooth spicy tomato sauce that’s not salsa but slays you nonetheless. Behold the mighty pupusa!

    When + Where: Every weekend (without fail) at Fort Greene and Skylight One Hanson. Also: Red Hook Ballfields (Bay + Clinton St.), Red Hook Mercado (Van Brunt + Coffey St.), and online at redhookfoodvendors.com.

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