• Crochet Word of the Day


    Angie from England has been making these cool Crochet Words of the Day, featuring terms from “Old Blighty” sewn into patchwork-pattern circle frames. We like ’em, and so apparently does the renowned Martha Stewart Crafts Department, which blogged the series recently. (FYI “toad in the Hole”=sausages in Yorkshire pudding batter.)

    Angie’s biz is ASIS (for Angela Spencer’s Irresistible Stuff), and you can find her at Fort Greene and One Hanson every weekend (she shares with Species by the Thousand on Sundays). Her knitted rings/necklaces/bracelets are popular, as are her new line of screenprinted T’s (some on silk!), crocheted booties for kids, and more.

    Check out this story from today’s Wall Street Journal featuring Angie and fellow Fleasters Erica from Species by the Thousand, Jessica DeCarlo, and Artisan Emporia.

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